5 Things I Am Grateful For

Written by Marleen A.

Photo Credit: https://bestlifeonline.com/thanksgiving-memes/

I really hope that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! Even if you do not celebrate it I think it is important to be grateful all year long. One of the best things about the holidays is to eat copious amounts of food and desserts! Besides food there are a few things I am grateful for in no particular order:

1. Movies

Movies are a great way to escape and it has always been my mental escape as a kid. It’s allowed me to live in a world that is very different from my own. I feel the exact same way with books. Books and movies go hand in hand with providing escapism.

2. Concerts

Concerts are also a great way to escape through music. I have gotten the experience to see artists such as JoJo, One Republic, Tori Kelly, Donna Missal, Gwen Stefani and more! I also love collecting merch as well and connecting with other fans at shows.

3. More family time

At my last job I unfortunately worked six days every other week remotely for nearly a year and half. It made it difficult getting to see my niece and nephew. Now I get to take them school and to the park.

4. Having a college education

My degree has definitely opened doors and I am proud to be a UC Merced alumna. Go bobcats!!! I pray that I can further my education and get a masters soon!

5. Life experiences

Today I was thinking of the solo vacation I got to go on last year before Thanksgiving. I went to Catalina Island on my own and I am grateful for the life experiences I have been able to give myself through hard work. I am also grateful for God allowing me to experience life and his creations like Yosemite National Park or my local hiking spot.

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